June 2, 2023
A People-first FY2024 Budget: Schools

We must establish high-quality DCPS schools in every community, ensuring a predictable and accessible path from pre-school to high school. The FY 24 budget advances that goal, prioritizing well-resourced classrooms, modern facilities, support for teachers, and nutritious school meals. I am proud that the Council rectified shortcomings in the initial proposal to reverse devastating school-level budget cuts, support teacher wellness and retention programs, and proactively address school infrastructure maintenance and modernization. The final budget: adds $6.2 million to the capital budget for Stoddert Elementary to enable a sensible addition that can fully meet the needs of the community. provides first-time funding to address the challenges of midyear mobility in DCPS schools -- many DCPS schools receive significant numbers of students after audit day and they should be braced for those predictable arrivals, an issue I have raised for close to a decade. enables significant pay increases for charter teachers to keep pace with DCPS while also adding significant transparency requirements on charter teacher pay. Increased budgets for eight Ward 3 schools as part of Chairman…

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