June 13, 2024
Ward 3 for All – FY25 Budget: Senior Support

Support Our Seniors The District is a great place to age-in-place, but we can always do better. I’m proud to represent one of the District’s largest senior populations and am a staunch advocate for the city’s senior services and neighborhood organizations working directly with older adults. The FY25 budget makes investments that will improve the quality of life for our older residents.

June 2, 2023
A People-first FY2024 Budget: Seniors

Ward 3 is home to one of DC's largest senior populations, and I worked tirelessly to maintain existing senior services and secure new offerings. The final budget reflects this work, sustaining current programming and reviving initiatives like Around Town DC and dementia support programs. These additional resources will enhance quality of life for our seniors and support them as they age-in-place.

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