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Councilmember Matt Frumin Announces FY 2025 Budget Priorities


Taylor Cogan: 202-258-9532,

WASHINGTON, DC – Ward 3 Councilmember Matt Frumin has announced his budget priorities for Fiscal Year 2025, which he included in a letter to DC Mayor Muriel Bowser today. The important, reasonable, and effective investments work toward the councilmember’s Ward 3 for All policy agenda.

“Planning for the next fiscal year will be a difficult exercise as we must grapple with the expiration of federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding, a public transit system that requires unprecedented investment, inflationary pressures, and modest revenue growth at a time when our city faces serious social and economic challenges,” Frumin said. “But as we move through the budget process, we must also be mindful to preserve our social safety net and invest in our future. The costs flowing from a failure to do so will far outweigh any presumed savings.”

The councilmember’s budget priorities focus on seven areas:

  1. Fully funding our schools and invest in the District’s youth
  2. Promoting affordable, abundant housing
  3. Expanding economic opportunity
  4. Investing in safer streets and accessible transit
  5. Fostering safe, healthy neighborhoods
  6. Supporting District seniors
  7. Investing in local arts, culture, and recreation

Councilmember Frumin’s budget priorities are shaped by his second-annual Ward 3 budget listening session and meetings with community members, issue experts, Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANC), and government agencies.

“As we seek to realize these priorities through the budget process, we must be strategic about how funds are allocated, where efficiencies can be achieved, and where reductions are required,” he said. “We must also be open to measures that will increase revenue to avoid pitting one priority against another or the needs of one community against another. Even in challenging times, we can expand opportunity for all residents.”


Read Councilmember Frumin’s letter to the Mayor

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