Ward 3 For All

Future-Focused Solutions to our
Community's Challenges

Fully Fund Neighborhood Schools

Invest in schools to address overcrowding, guarantee adequate funding, and modernized facilities.

Promote Affordable, Abundant Housing Options

Ensure more abundant housing options which will make our community accessible to neighbors of all incomes.

Expand Economic Opportunity

Seize once-in-a-generation opportunities to revitalize commercial and civic cores and support workers and small businesses.

Invest in Safer Streets and Accessible Transit

Make our streets safer for all road users with common sense traffic calming measures and expand access to sustainable public transit opportunities.

Foster Safe, Healthy Neighborhoods

Implement a modern, equitable public safety strategy that prioritizes accountability and services to keep our community safe.

Support Our Seniors

Support improved facilities, programming, and social opportunities for one of DC’s largest senior populations.

Strengthen Local Arts, Culture, and Recreation

Expand access to recreation facilities and activities for all ages.

We need intentional policies to create an opportunity-rich, inclusive Ward 3 for all.

Realizing a “Ward 3 for All” means:

  • fostering more vibrant, welcoming neighborhoods,
  • prioritizing equity and social justice,
  • creating more opportunities for education and entrepreneurship, and
  • strengthening our local culture and community.
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