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Councilmember Matt Frumin Introduces Bill to Address Acute Shortage of Nurses

Christian Damiana
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Councilmember Matt Frumin Introduces Bill to Address Acute Shortage of Nurses
Frumin’s proposal would admit the District of Columbia to the Nurse Licensure Compact and allow licensed nurses from 41 states to practice in DC without obtaining an additional license.
Washington, DC — Councilmember Matt Frumin introduced today the District of Columbia Nurse Licensure Compact Authorization Act of 2023, which would enter the District into the national Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC). The bill was co-introduced by Committee on Health Chair Christina Henderson, Committee on Hospital and Health Equity Chair Vince Gray, and Councilmembers Zachary Parker, Brooke Pinto, Robert White, and Kenyan McDuffie.
Like much of the country, DC is facing an acute shortage of nurses. According to the District of Columbia Nurses Association, more than 95% of nurses in DC believe inadequate staffing was a “major issue” at their facility. This shortage jeopardizes patient care, puts a strain on health care providers, and overburdens nurses, leading to burnout and turnover, which in turn exacerbates the shortage of nurses. This legislation would align DC with the more than 41 states and territories that are currently members of the NLC, allowing nurses from those states to practice in DC without requiring additional licensure. DC would further become a more attractive employment destination for nurses nationally, while maintaining local control over the quality of care.
“From students to seniors, DC’s nurse shortage impacts the health of our residents and overburdens nurses currently employed here. We must rebuild our nursing workforce and join every neighboring state by entering the compact,” said Frumin.
The legislation is supported by the DC Hospital Association, DC Health Care Association, DC Primary Care Association, Maryland-National Homecare Association, DC Coalition on Long Term Care, George Washington University, Georgetown University School of Nursing, Children’s National Hospital, Mary’s Center, Forest Hills of DC, Iona Senior Services, VMT Home Health Agency, Home Care Partners, Stoddard Baptist Nursing Home, Livingston Place at Southern Avenue, and The Residences at Kenilworth Park.
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